The Exchange Exhibition

Artists Living Room Guangzhou
From May 22 to June 5 2021

What happens when we all come to Artists Living Room?

From May 22 to June 5, Artists Living Room held its inaugural exhibition. Many creators and art lovers have visited it.

As my initial expectation, the Artists Living Room has become a new hub for us to communicate and share our passion for art. 

View The Recorded Exhibition

By Nuo. The Age of Silver Feather 2021
By Chuan Wang (Left) From the series of Object & Ware 2019-21
By Nuo (Right) Untitled 2019
By Junjie Zhang (Center) Lychee 2020
By Yajie Sun From the series of Directors Oil Painting 2019-2020
Artists are Present
Participated artist Jiaixin Lin
Participated artist Ze Chuan
Participated artist Nuo
The exhibited contemporary jewelry made by Nuo
Participated artist Junjie Zhang


Chuan Wang, Dominika Jezewska(Warsaw, Poland), He Fei, Jiaxin Lin, Jinheng Li, Jinjin Xu, Junjie Zhang, J.K.(New York), Le He, IlariaCortesi (Italy), Minyuan Dong, Nuohan Jiang, Qingying Wang, Shiqi Wen, Xiang Li, Yajie Sun, Yuan Zheng, Yun Ge, Yuru Chen, Yuyue Zhou, Ze Chuan, Ziyu Ma

The list is ranked by participants’ first names.