Stories & Jewelry

Artists Living Room Guangzhou

From July 24 to October 20 2021

Talking Listening Creating Sharing

Three storytellers shared stories from their lives.

Three artists transformed the stories into art jewelry.

Opening Party July 22

An Interactive Experience of Visiting Art Show

At the opening party, there were five models wearing the exhibited jewelry pieces. Each of them held a white coffee cup. When you found them, they would show you the jewelry works and shared the stories behind them.

Artists are Present
Participated artist Nuo
Participated artist Yolanda

Works from The Exhibition
Exhibited Works in Stories & Jewelry
By Chuang Yu. The series of Balancing (left, earrings and necklace)
By Yolanda. The series of Thorns (right, ring and necklace)
By Nuo. The Ever-Changing Fate (Top) and The series of Golden Fragments (brooches, necklace, and ring).



Nuo is based in New York City and Guangzhou, China. Nuo is the founder and curator of Artists Living Room.

Nuo’s contemporary jewelry works have been exhibited worldwide, including at the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas and Museo Cerralbo in Madrid, the New York City Jewelry Week, the Romania Jewelry Week, the Light House Art Center in Florida, and the Beijing International Art Jewelry Exhibition.

Chuang Yu

Chuang Yu is based in New York City. Chuang received her BFA in Studio Art at New York University in 2015 and Graduate Diamonds Degree from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2016.

Since 2015, Chuang has been working for Biba Schutz on her edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry collections. In 2019, Chuang joined the studio of an Italian master jeweler Guiseppe Giacomello as designer,  jeweler and co-founder of Giacomello Legacy. Currently working as the head jeweler designer and production manager for Mission Ateleir, Chuang is also preparing to launch her own jewelry line in October 2021.

Yolanda ( Yuan Zheng )

Yolanda is based in Xiamen. She received her MFA in Jewelry & Metal at Royal College of Art in the U.K. Her work of contemporary jewelry has been exhibited in China and the U.K.